What Causes Hypochondria

What Causes Hypochondria

Cause of hypochondria is still under research but some statement has been given by the researchers that cause for hypochondria may be due to some reasons. Before explaining those reasons, let us first have a look at what it is. It is a mental disorder; where the person feels that he/she is sick even for minor abnormalities in their health condition. It mainly affects the adulthood as they tend to worry a lot about health.

Doctors have been scratching their heads wondering why some people develop this disorder. The number of these patients are increasing at an alarming rate causing concerns in medical centers, clinics and hospitals, with unnecessary screenings and diagnosis performed at the expense of other people with real health issues.

The only problem is that hypochondriacs can’t help it themselves because they too are suffering from what they thought are “real” symptoms, not realizing the fact that it is simply their mind playing stricks and inflicting those signs on their body, causing them panic.

The following are some of the possible reasons that cause hypochondria.

  • Spending hours over internet and searching health related issues may be one of a reason for hypochondria. After knowing the symptoms of those diseases they may start to believe that they possess the symptoms of those life threatening diseases
  • When a family member suffers from deadly disease for a long span, it may have great impact to affect them mentally.
  • Death of family member/friend due to certain disease can also be a major reason for hypochondria. Being in such an environment make them to feel that they will die even though they are healthy.
  • Stress mainly arises due to heavy work load it result in headache, lack of concentration in work. Probably negative thoughts will be arisen in mind and it tends them to feel they have some health issues.
  • Anxiety can also be a major cause for hypochondria. In day today life the people don’t have the reason why they are anxious, and too stressed. Without knowingly signs of anxiety has become part of their life and greatly affects the social life of people and work.
  • Watching television programs related to health issues may also trigger the health anxiety.
  • Developing unreasonable thoughts and fears related to health may increases the level of depression. This is known as obsessive compulsive disorder.

There is no other ways to prevent hypochondria, because mental ability of a person and the surrounding environment are the major reason for the cause of hypochondria. The fears of hypochondriacs are endless even if they had a simple cough causing slight pain in their lungs, they’ll think that the pain is due to lung cancer. So it is better to develop an understanding and healthy environment where they can make them to feel completely relax. Actually it’s too hard to recover from hypochondria because they have to overcome several years of fear and discomfort. By actively engaging them in some activities we can however reduce the severity of such symptoms.