Symptoms of Hypochondria

Symptoms of Hypochondria

The following are some of the symptoms of hypochondria. Noticing hypochondria at early stage is better because treatment at later stage is too worse and difficult. But person who effectively engaged in treatment can overcome these symptoms at ease.

Self Check

Persons with hypochondria usually have self check at home. They used to periodically monitor their pulse rate, blood pressure rate, and temperature using their own home medical devices. While self check they may find both positive and negative signs about their health condition. But they will think only about their negatives and keep worrying. And they may try for their own home/herbal remedies at home.

Frequent Consultation with Doctors

Hypochondriacs have frequent visit to doctors to consult about their health condition eventhough they are healthy. They usually seek assurance about their health condition from someone; it may be family members or friends. But reassuring about their health condition is only a temporary solution because they won’t get satisfied with our suggestions. Just to get reassurance they switch to various doctors and request them for unwanted test and surgery such as ECG, Biopsy, and EEG and so on. They will be just addicted to medical test and continue to worry even after consulting the doctor.

Research on Health Issues

Searching about health issues over internet is not a major concern but when it crosses a limit is a problem. Hypochondriacs used to search about the symptoms of certain diseases over internet and think they have such problems. They spend most of their time in searching about the recent diseases, their symptoms and to confirm about their fears.

Excessive Worry

A person who worries a lot is not hypochondriacs. Hypochondriacs continuously talk about their health issues and fear even for some minor symptoms. They feel so depressed and stressed about their health condition. These problems must be noticed at the earlier stage or it may affect their social life. They couldn’t concentrate in their work, can’t eat properly thus it may result in weight loss and other health disorders. The worse case among this is, if they refuse to visit a doctor for a checkup. Because they don’t even have such will power to hear about their health condition.

If you find any of your friends or relatives with such symptoms you can have an open discussion with them about the concerns you have noticed in them. And you can support them by fixing an appointment with a well known mental health provider.


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