causes of hypochondria

Hypercondriac Or Hypochondria: The Difference Explained

An Introduction Into Causes Of Hypochondria Undeniably, most people worry about their health condition from time to time; in fact some live their life with serious medical conditions. In some cases, these health conditions bring excessive worries in our lives, which become overwhelmingly unbearable causing great distress as well as affecting everyday life. Such a […]

What Causes Hypochondria

What Causes Hypochondria

Cause of hypochondria is still under research but some statement has been given by the researchers that cause for hypochondria may be due to some reasons. Before explaining those reasons, let us first have a look at what it is. It is a mental disorder; where the person feels that he/she is sick even for minor abnormalities […]

Symptoms of Hypochondria

Symptoms of Hypochondria

The following are some of the symptoms of hypochondria. Noticing hypochondria at early stage is better because treatment at later stage is too worse and difficult. But person who effectively engaged in treatment can overcome these symptoms at ease. Self Check Persons with hypochondria usually have self check at home. They used to periodically monitor […]

Signs of Hypochondria

Signs of Hypochondria – Identify Hypochondria

There are many signs shown when a person is a hypochondriac because they will usual want to make their case known. These people are so anxious about their wellbeing that they will not hesitate to ask others in order to seek confirmation. The only problem is though no matter what other people say, they won’t […]

Is Hypercondria An Illness

Is Hyperchondria An Illness?

Hyperchondria can be said to be an actual state of mind. It’s a mere ignorance which you show to your own health conditions. An individual undergoing this state of mind can be said as hypercondriac. Often hypercondriac people think that they are all well even after a physician has evaluated about symptoms of an underlying […]