Hypercondriac Definition – What is the meaning of Hypercondriac?

Hypercondriac Definition

You might have first bumped into a hypercondriac when you attended school, but you wouldn’t see them often as they would always be getting sent home early due to some mysterious illness you didn’t think sounded plausible.

Their mom would then take them to visit the doctor because she was concerned about their health, and they would get the all clear after being checked over from head to toe. That would usually only be the beginning of their illness, and the day after their all clear they would complain about more mysterious symptoms even though they looked perfectly fine.

The following week, the hypercondriac could be suffering from a completely different and unrelated illnesses, and they would forget all about the one they were going crazy over only a few days earlier. Did you ever stop to think why they were getting sick on such a regular basis?

That brief introduction is meant to highlight what a hypercondriac goes through during their life if left untreated, but we’re going to delve into more details about what the actual problem is and the ways in which it can ruin an otherwise normal life. Let us try to explain more on how we see the hypercondriac definition.

What Exactly Is A Hypercondriac?

What you’ve read so far might seem amusing at first glance, but it’s actually tragic when you think about it and you wouldn’t wish the debilitating illness on your worst enemy because at times it can be so severe.

So you could state as hypercondriac definition that: a hypercondriac is a person who thinks there is something medically wrong with them even though they’re perfectly fine. In fact, they could even be as healthy as ever and imagining every single symptom they think they’re suffering from.

Just because they don’t tell you they’re ill doesn’t mean they are okay either, because they will believe from the bottom of their heart they are going to end up with a terrible illness sooner rather than later.

Examples Of How A Hypercondriac Thinks

Let’s assume for a minute you had a sore head. I’m sure you’ve experienced them numerous times, so you know to take headache medicine and go to bed until you feel good enough to function properly.

A hypercondriac in the same position as you might think back to the time they bumped their head on the wall, and before you know it they’ll think their brain is bleeding and they’re going to die.

If their head isn’t better when they wake up the next again day, they’ll suddenly have a large tumor growing inside their brain. Even if the hospital showed them proof they were healthy, they wouldn’t be able to believe it as nothing would get through to them.

And it wouldn’t be long until something else was wrong with them again and again and again. The cycle never stops, and neither do the destructive thoughts consuming their mind.

Hypercondriac Signs To Watch Out For

Here are a few signs to help you understand how you can tell if someone is a hypercondriac, and they’ll usually display more than one of them:

• They’ll visit multiple doctors until they get the answer they are looking for
• They’ll completely ignore experts if they give them positive news
• They’ll worry about a specific body part
• They’ll change their mind about which body part is the problem
• They’ll let their worries reduce their quality of life
• They’ll suffer from anxiety and depression

It’s Ultimately A Mental Disorder

Even though the meaning of hypercondriac makes you think it’s a physical illness, the truth is a little less severe because the problem is in their mind.

That doesn’t mean mental illnesses aren’t terrible for the people suffering from them, but at least hypercondriacs aren’t actually going to die because they truly do have a physical illness the doctors can’t diagnose.

Most of them are able to live a relatively normal life if they attend therapy, but a hypercondriac will always have a nagging suspicion there is something wrong with them even if they get a clean bill of health every single time.