Somatization Disorder Vs Hypochondriasis

Somatization Disorder Vs Hypochondriasis

Before somatization disorder is also considered as hypochondria. After a vast research over the symptoms, causes of hypochondria and somatization, it is found that they may have similar symptoms yet they both are contrary.

Somatization is due to physical problem, the person may experience physical symptoms such as head ache, illness, fatigue in their body due to mental problem whereas hypochondria is due to mental disorder even though they not sick their thoughts make them to feel that they are not well.

We can just see this case as an example for somatization; if a person experiences a chest pain due to some other health problem they strongly believe that pain is a symptom of heart attack. In case of hypochondria even though they didn’t have head ache physically their mental disorder make them to feel they have head ache. Here is an example for hypochondria, even after the complete physical recovery from heart attack their thoughts make them to worry about next heart attack.

A person with somatization disorder tends to get consultation from doctors rather than mental health experts. Since they realize the physical symptom they believe illness is not due to mental problem it’s only due to physical problem, whereas hypochondriacs hesitate to have doctors visit as they have low capability to tolerate pain.

In most of the cases somatization is wrongly diagnosed by the health experts, they couldn’t identify whether the particular disorder is due to mental symptom or a physical symptom as mind and body are interrelated. There are some exceptional cases, even though they experience physical symptom those people believe that their illness is due to mental problem. In a survey it was found that a most of a somization people have somatoform disorder and no hypochondriasis symptoms it makes clear that somatization differs from hypochondria but it’s a part of somatization. Women are more likely to have somotization disorder whereas hypochondria affect both men and women equally. Somatization may occur due to genetic problem whereas hypochondria are only due to mental disorder.

Initially the person is suggested to have medical test, if the test result is positive they are recommended to have psychometric test from mental health professional. The symptoms of somatization and hypochondria are same, thus they may experience headache, chest pain, increased pulse rate, temperature.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is highly recommended treatment for somatization and hypochondria. Counseling is the only way to make them get relieved from their useless thoughts, anxiety, and depression. It can motivate them to have positive thinking and lead their social life and work in better way. Medication to overcome from anxiety and depression is also recommended a treatment for somatization and hypochondriasis.