Hypercondriac vs Hypochondriac

What Is The Difference Between Hypercondriac And Hypochondriac?

Some people have a fear of getting sick, these fears lead to anxiety which affects a person mentally. It is a sign of mental disorder known as hypochondriac which can get worse if not treated properly.

Another group who shows similar fears are called hypercondriac and the only difference is that these people are already convinced they have the illness, even though there are no medical evidence to support their claim after numerous tests.

While it is perfectly normal to worry about our own health from time to time because as we all know, early diagnosis is crucial in managing any type of serious medical conditions. But for them, health worries are never ending and they will always anticipate the next symptoms, which could simply be triggered by their own mind playing tricks. So it is a serious mental issue that must be treated before it becomes too overwhelming leading to other more serious disorders such as late stage depression.

Now that you understand the difference between them, you may be frustrated to know that there is actually another term that is very similar to the two in spelling but have completely opposite meaning.

Hyperchondriac which is used to describe a person who thinks they are alright even when “there are” medical evidence to prove their sickness is REAL.

As you can see, while these terms look almost the same in context, they have absolutely different meaning especially the last one. However, there is no need to get too confused by them and just remember that hypercondriac (without the h)  and hypochondriac are basically identical in nature, therefore are both often used by people dealing with the same mental disorder. Now let’s go into more details below.


Hypercondriac vs Hypochondriac

Hypercondriac Vs Hypochondriac

What is Hypochondriac?

Hypochondriasis is a health anxiety with excessive worrying about your health, to the point where it causes great distress and affects your everyday life. A person who is always sick, imaginary illness most of the time .Loves to talk about falling sick or ill. Becomes angry when not believed.

A hypochondriac is a person who thinks they have every ailment possible. Just by simply thinking about a disease the person will believe that they might actually have it. Some of the hypochondriacs have imagined conditions and other have chronic over the real. The person has an excessive preoccupation or worry over one’s own health. In other words, to be hypochondria is to be someone who is constantly thinking they are falling ill when they aren’t.

A hypercondriac is an individual who thinks they are constantly ill, when in fact they are not or more commonly, has illness but exaggerates their severity. This can be also called a psychosomatic illness in which an actual illness of the body that has a mental cause. A person truly considers himself or herself to be ill in this case because they can actually feel the effect or symptoms.

This feeling of doom tends to drive people from doctor to doctor even though they have been given a clean bill of health. Being a hypochondriac means to be obsessed with one’s health and feeling any small symptom indicates major illness. Even if there is no indication or medical symptoms that they are ill, they believe that they are not well and believe they need to be seen by a doctor. It is their mind which generates an illness that is not there at all. They are simply imagining it is there.

What is Hyperchondriac?

Hyperchondria is a stubborn belief that one is healthy even when there is medical fact and evidence to support the presence of an illness or symptoms indicating one has such illness. The persistence convictions that one is never or is likely to never become ill, often involving medical evidence to the contrary.

A hyperchondriac is one who thinks there is nothing wrong with them despite medical evidence that they got symptoms of a disease. They don’t believe they are ill, but they are.

Hyperchondriac can be considered as a positive state of mind as they do not undergo any kind of mental distress of getting ill, unlike hypercondriac. The mental state of a person could keep himself or herself safe from harmful condition even if they are really suffering from a deadfall disease. Where a person with hypercondria is always worried about diseases, which may lead to unwanted mental anxiety and distress; these conditions along with negative thinking and mindset could instead make a person fall ill finally even though they weren’t in the beginning.