Hypersensitivity – A Cause For Hypercondriac

Hypercondriac is a mental condition in which a person believes that he is sick or has a fear of falling sick. A very simple physical symptom makes him jump to the conclusions that he is suffering from dreadful diseases and he is not satisfied by any reasons that make him believe otherwise. He makes frequent visits to doctors complaining about his imaginary ailments which he suffers from, but he refuses to believe the physician’s statements that his examination shows that there is nothing wrong with his body. He suffers with anxiety and is generally concentrated on a particular body part or symptoms.

What Causes Hypochondria

The root cause for hypercondriac is hypersensitivity. It is a mental condition largely attributed to the hypersensitivity of the nerves in which he patient can feel a strong sensation on his nerves. This creates a high level of concentration on the nervous sensations on the body, especially if he puts a lot of emphasis on the very little things that he feels while getting immersed in his own world of sickness.

Symptoms that appears to be very mild and something that will be easily ignored by others, can become life-threatening diseases for the hypercondriacs. A mild head discomfort which might have been caused due to the hectic day’s work will be taken for brain cancer. Similarly, a minor stomach upset may be taken as some chronic illness in the stomach.

Let’s try a simple experiment that will help us understand how the patient feels hypersensitivity.

  1. First, try to focus on your left hand.
  2. Then focus on the thumb
  3. Now on the tip of the left thumb.
  4. Put all your concentration just on the tip of the left thumb.
  5. You should now feel a small sensation on the tip of the left thumb

This is the feeling of hypersensitivity which is one of the major causes of hypochondriac. A little bodily sensation will make the patient think that there is some level of abnormality in his body. This triggers their anxiety and even causes panic attacks and depressions. If you have not focused your attention properly on your fingertip, you will not notice those sensations in this experiment.

Luckily, the condition of hypercondriacs can be treated and there are some solutions to get rid of this compulsive preoccupation with unwanted feelings or emotions that often lead to high anxiety and stress. The patient should trust his physician when convinced that he is normal. He must have self confidence and high level of self-esteem. He should also avoid focusing his attention on a single body part for a long time. With proper therapy with specialists treatment, good support from the family and adequate medication, one can get rid of this debilitating mental illness and enjoy a normal and happy life.